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The Fireplace Center of Bozeman was purchased in 2022 by family members and partners Justin Bowers and Randy Schram. Having a long business history with the previous owners, Justin and Randy pride themselves in understanding the role the Fireplace Center of Bozeman has played in the growth and development of the Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana. They are dedicated to continuing to serve the place their family has called home for over 30 years. As Montanans and small, independent business owners for over 20 years, they also understand how to do business the old fashioned way, through hard work, integrity and standing behind your people and products. We are excited about the future and we feel blessed to be part of this wonderful place where we can watch our children, grandchildren, and our community grow. Our family looks forward to serving yours.


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Have a question or need additional information? Check our frequently asked questions section to see if the answer you need is here. 

Does the Fireplace Center of Bozeman service wood stoves?

We do not service wood stoves, but our list of independent preferred service providers is below. 

Derek’s Stove Service & Repair: 406-920-1226

What is the difference between a mason or rock fireplace and a wood insert?

A rock or brick mason fireplace is a mason built structure that is fabricated into your home. A wood fireplace insert is a pre-manufactured metal box insert that can be retrofitted into a mason built fireplace, or that can be installing into a prepared frame. For further questions, please contact our sales professionals. Learn more about common fireplace terms.

What is the difference between a built-in gas fireplace and a gas insert?

A built in gas fireplace is a new build or remodel that is framed out for a specific gas burning appliance. An insert is a great option when you have an operable wood-burning fireplace but would like something that burns more efficiently, utilizing gas, and is less of a hassle to use. Learn more about common fireplace terms.

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Our carefully curated fireplaces add a touch of elegance to your space. Striking the perfect balance between efficiency and aesthetics.