Electric Fireplaces

No mess, no hassle, instant fire

The biggest difference between traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces and electric fireplaces is ease of installation and many less restrictions. Electric fireplaces come in two options, fireboxes or linear wall mounts. Some are as easy as just plugging them into an outlet. Others require a 120V or 240V hardwired connection. They can be hung in areas that were not originally meant for fireplaces while still providing the ambiance and atmosphere of having a fireplace. They are safer than traditional flame fireplaces and there is no regular maintenance required.

Features One

Easy, cost efficient installation

With traditional wood burning or gas fireplaces construction or renovation costs must be considered when looking at installation. Electric fireplaces are much easier to install, often only requiring an outlet or electrician to hardwire the unit into your home's power supply. The cost savings in comparison to installing a traditional gas or wood unit can be monumental.

Features Two

Efficient and eco-friendly

Electric fireplaces use a small amount of electricity to operate, it has zero emissions and is highly energy efficient. These fireplaces are as eco-friendly as you can get!

Features Three

Beautiful and convenient

An electric fireplace's flames look just like the real thing, have instant on and off, and are often controlled by a thermostat. Most units come with a remote control and they can help you maintain a constant temperature in your home.

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