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Does the Fireplace Center of Bozeman service wood stoves?

We do not service wood stoves, but our list of independent preferred service providers is below. 

Derek’s Stove Service & Repair: 406-920-1226

Where can I locate the rating plate on my gas fireplace?

In gas fireplaces, the ratings plate can be found in the control area. Open or remove the decorative front to find the component area where the rating plate should be visible using a flashlight. 

Am I eligible for any state or federal EPA tax credits?

Wood and Pellet Heater Investment Tax Credit 2023 – 2032

What Do Consumers Need To Know?

Download the HBPA Tax Credit Information File


Tax Credit for Modern Wood & Pellet Heat:

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 changed the Wood and Pellet Heater Tax Credit for 

Calendar years 2023-2032

This Credit
  • Is for 30 percent of purchase AND installation costs beginning in 2023 
  • Has a $2,000 cap on the credit for any one year
  • Can be redeemed each year

What Qualifies?

  • Any wood heater that burns biomass as a fuel, heats air or water, and is at least 75 percent efficient per the higher heating value (HHV) of the fuel. 
  • Purchased and fully installed in the year that the credit is taken. 
  • Purchase and installation costs of appliance and venting/chimney can count towards the credit

What Paperwork You Should Keep For Tax Records

  • Purchase receipt, including cost of product and installation
  • The manufacturer certificate stating that the stove qualifies for the credit and is at least 75 percent efficient HHV

How to Find Qualifying Stoves

EPA-Certified Wood Stove Database

  • EPA Wood
  • Heaters Database

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA®)

  • Visit Your Local Hearth Retailer
What is the difference between a mason or rock fireplace and a wood insert?

A rock or brick mason fireplace is a mason built structure that is fabricated into your home. A wood fireplace insert is a pre-manufactured metal box insert that can be retrofitted into a mason built fireplace, or that can be installing into a prepared frame. For further questions, please contact our sales professionals. Learn more about common fireplace terms.

For installation of my new fireplace, what will the Fireplace Center of Bozeman handle and what will I need a licensed contractor for?

The Fireplace Center of Bozeman fireplace installation and venting. If you are replacing a built-in fireplace, you will need to hire a license contractor to do all demo work including taking out the old fireplace, and reframing for the new one to be installed. 

Does the Fireplace Center of Bozeman handle rock, brick or finished material work around the fireplaces they install?

We now offer Realstone Systems, high-quality natural stone products and unique cladding offerings including wall and flooring panels, tiles and accessories. Contact our sales department for more information. 

What should I bring to the Fireplace Center of Bozeman showroom to be able to discuss my needs with their fireplace experts?

Please bring photos and model and serial number of any existing appliances, measurements of the work area, roof pitch, and any photos of the area you’ll be discussing, including exterior images of your home when discussing installation.  Please include information about any existing heat source.

Can the Fireplace Center of Bozeman install or repair a gas or electrical feed to my hearth product.

The Fireplace Center of Bozeman does not replace or repair gas lines or electrical lines. We always recommend that you find a licensed plumber or electrician for any gas or electrical needs. 

What is the difference between a built-in gas fireplace and a gas insert?

A built in gas fireplace is a new build or remodel that is framed out for a specific gas burning appliance. An insert is a great option when you have an operable wood-burning fireplace but would like something that burns more efficiently, utilizing gas, and is less of a hassle to use. Learn more about common fireplace terms.

How much clearance will I need for installation of my new wood stove?

This is dependent on the unit you choose. Please contact our sales department for further information. 

What will determine the size of wood burning stove or fireplace I’ll need.

If you’re interested in a wood burning fireplace, stove or pellet stove, please have the total square footage of the space you’re interested in heating available, including ceiling height. Please include information about any existing heat source.

Service Providers

Independent Providers We Recommend

Preferred stove repair, masonry, gas plumbing & electrical contractors

Edison Electric: 406-522-5441
Jacobs Electric: 406-213-3106
Northern Electric: 406-586-9425
Rise Electric: 406-599-9769

Southwest Montana Chimney Sweeps

Sweeping Giants: 406-224-1425
Reed Christensen: 701-320-2552

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